Send encrypted messages to Ethereum addresses

Welcome to Commeth, a messaging service that is:

End-to-end encrypted

The messages are sent after being encrypted on your computer, making its contents impossible for Commeth to read.


Whether you are the sender or the receiver, there's absolutely no info apart from your address that is transmitted. Therefore, unless your identity is linked to your Ethereum address, there's no way to know who you are.


Commeth wants to be as independent and transparent as possible. That is why I took the bet of having a donation-based business model. If it turns out not being sustainable, I'll have to consider other options.


Commeth has many use cases, most of which are completely new in the space. Do you want to contact the owner of a particular NFT ? Do you want to get in touch with the developer of a certain smart contract ? Or do you just want to talk to friends securely ?


The best feedback comes from the users. Listening to the community will have the best effects on the product. Although not fully decentralized yet, a DAO could be implemented. The user experience is one of the most important aspects of Commeth, alongside privacy and security.


There are many areas in which Commeth can improve, and there are a lot of potential partners. We are just getting started !

Coming soon

Make sure to stay updated via Twitter!


Your donation is highly appreciated. Right now, I'm solo behind Commeth so it would help me make it my main project, hire people, rent better resources etc etc. Also, the more donations there are, the better services I'll be able to offer (no freemium, open source, free forever and so on).

Because your donation will be on the blockchain, it's easy to see who contributed the earliest (or the most), which makes it practical for future rewards, DAO voting weight and the like.


Thank you.